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July Meetup


Join us for our monthly virtual PyDistrict. We have two great speakers who will be presenting: Robert Townley and Ewa Jodlowska.

Robert Townley - K(snake)s: An intro to kubernetes using python

Kubernetes (aka “k8s”) has changed the way we run, deploy, and think about applications. The learning curve for k8s is a steep one, but it’s surmountable and worthwhile. And the platform has real particular advantages for python developers, who need to deal with issues (both real and imagined) around python’s ease of deployment and scalability. In this presentation, we’ll take a Django application through full deployment to a k8s cluster. We’ll spin up the cluster, dockerize the app, publish the app to a container registry, set up a CI/CD pipeline, and deploy the app. Even better: we’ll go over what all of those odd words mean. So whether you’re a curious beginner looking to learn, or a devops veteran who feels a moral responsibility to save DC’s python community from my copious k8s mistakes, this talk is sure to have something for everyone!

Robert is a developer for Upside Travel, where he dabbles in everything from mobile development to SRE. He’s originally from NYC and comes to DC by way of Montreal. In his free time, he enjoys farming-based video games, playing classical guitar, puttering around the city while listening to audiobooks, and buying domains for half-finished projects and ideas.

Ewa Jodlowska, PSF Executive Director - How the Python Software Foundation Fared Through the Impact of the Pandemic

Like a lot of other organizations, the PSF has had a tough year. With the help of some special guests, we'll find out how things stand, ways to get involved in the Python community now, and what to expect in the coming months.

Ewa is the Executive Director of the Python Software Foundation. She has been with the PSF since 2012 and prior to that she assisted with PyCon as a contractor. Ewa's responsibilities include managing the staff, giving direction and leadership to the Foundation, working with the board of directors on long-range strategic planning, and overseeing financial and program operations to name a few.