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August Meetup


Join us for our monthly virtual PyDistrict. We'll be welcoming back a former organizer and seasoned PyCon speaker: Andrew Baker.

Andrew Baker - How I built a $10k ARR side business with Django

Ever thought about bootstrapping your own Software-as-a-Service business?

If you're like me, you registered dozens of domain names over the years for ideas that didn't always see the light of day. After many failed attempts at creating a self-sustaining side project, I finally got one off the ground last year: Gator - smart scheduled delivery for your Slack messages.

After about a year and half of nights and weekends work, Gator now pulls in about $1,000 in revenue per month - which makes it $999 more successful than my previous best attempt. In this talk I'll share the story of how Gator got off the ground and some lessons I've learned along the way. I'll also cover some details of the Python stack I used to build Gator, the APIs I rely on to be successful, and some communities I found which could help you, too.

Andrew Baker is on a mission to empower developers to change the world with software.

As Director of Developer Education at Twilio, Andrew leads the teams responsible for Twilio’s documentation and training programs, including TwilioQuest.

Andrew started his career as a Python web developer in Washington, D.C.. He discovered his passion for teaching developers after running Docker workshops at meetups and conferences before joining Twilio in 2015.

Since then he has sought out new ways to challenge and empower developers through documentation, training, and other aspects of Twilio’s developer experience.

Some of his previous presentations: