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May Meetup


Join us for our 2nd virtual PyDistrict. We have two great speakers who will be presenting: Zuri Hunter and Justin Slay.

Zuri Hunter - 4C or Not 4C? That is the question...

This was a question I posed to myself when I was trying to come up with a presentation with Python. I wanted to know if it was possible to train a computer on how to determine whether an image had a 4C hair type. This presentation will cover the trial and tribulations that I came across when trying to answer that question.

Zuri Hunter is a software engineer at Black Cape, based out in Washington, DC. She attended the illustrious Howard University where she obtained her bachelor’s in Computer Information Systems. While completing her undergraduate degree, Zuri taught herself Ruby on Rails and applied this knowledge at several local hackathons. She worked on several projects such as the US Presidential Innovations Fellow, Hack the Pay Gap and AngelHack Incubator, SlimSpace. After her 5th hackathon she was presented with her first introduction in the tech industry with opportunity at HumanGeo with web applications in a microservice architecture.

Outside of building amazing applications, Zuri is heavily involved in increasing diversity and inclusion within the DC tech community. She volunteers regularly with Women Who Code as a Ruby on Rails Lead, Black Girls Code as a Technical Lead, Bison Hacks as a Hackathon Organizer and DCFemTech as Leadership Lead. As of 2018, she was nominated as DCA Live Power Women in Tech. When she isn’t volunteering or coding she loves to spend her free time, playing video games on her PlayStation, watching American Football, doing arts & crafts and playing billiards at a local club.

Justin Slay - Decorators and Wrappers, Extending functions with superpowers

Justin will cover decorators and wrappers, how to use them, and common use cases where you might need them.

Justin is a Senior Python Developer and Senior DevOps Automation Engineer at Excella, based in Denver Colorado, and has extensive experience building micro-services in Flask and other Python frameworks. He likes to utilize his skill set to improve the DevOps sector in multiple facets, focusing around Kubernetes in the most recent years. He has worked for several companies at large scale, leading innovating projects to bring software and hardware together.