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Early April Lightning Talks


It's an April two-fer! Join us for an evening of lightning talks. If you're interested in presenting, please reach out to the organizers on Meetup or the DC Tech Slack's #pydistrict channel.

Jim Taysom - Manage your Python environments with Pipenv

Pipenv combines virtual environments and package installation tools to make a simple workflow for having a consistent package installation experience. This will help prevent your computer from being declared a superfund site.

Aru Sahni - Pattern Matching

Python 3.10 is on the horizon. With it comes a new feature that has the internet abuzz - Pattern Matching. Learn why it exists, how it's used, and more!

Rami Chowdhury - Django-Ninja

Want to try FastAPI? Have an existing Django app? Learn how to bring Ninja skills to bear with Django-Ninja!

Vic Kumar - Functional Programming in Python

Ever hear your overzealous friend talking about "functional programming" and have no idea what they're talking about? We're going to try and bridge the gap and do a few functional examples in Python.